Creating a roleplay server has never been easier.

Open source framework for FiveM to allow anyone to build their own custom servers with ease.

Trusted by 12,000+ servers worldwide.

    • Lua
    • JS
    • Html
    • FiveM

All the essential features for a roleplay server.

Well, everything you need to have fun without spending money.

Enables character registration defining a players name, sex, height, and date of birth.

Why us and not another framework?

ESX Legacy is the Best-In-Class, most performant and user friendly version of ESX, to date! It offers the Best and most advanced methods in FiveM, while delivering unbeatable performance!

Recurring update

A lot of features is great but even better if this is maintained.

We make sure the framework is always updated with new practices and security fixes. We also make sure to keep the framework as stable as possible while listing to the community.

Trusted and Reliable

First modern framework used by the community and developers.

ESX is the most used framework on FiveM, resulting in a plethora of amazing scripts avaiable from the community.

Best-In-Class Support

We boast a large active and friendly team of support staff.

With our very close-knit and friendly support team, We can help you with the creating your own scripts and servers!

It s free, accessible for all.

Our project is open source, we want as many people as possible to enjoy it. If you want to help us to improve you can support us on patreon or by joining our team.

For everyone

Perfect for all types of servers, from playing with a couple friends to large communities.


  • Essential features for roleplay
  • Regular Updates
  • Optimized and secure
  • Active community to help you get started
  • Thousands of available Scripts


For those looking to go above and beyond, by helping support the team & help us advance the project further.

Support us

  • Exlcusive Preview of new features
  • Exclusive Mug
  • Exclusive Early Access to new features
  • Special thank you in ESX repo
  • Premium Support
  • Exclusive Roles & channels in Discord
Helping us

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, join our discord and we will be happy to help you.

    • How do I install ESX?

      We have a detailed explanation on our Documentation page (

    • Which scripts work on esx?

      Almost all scripts work on the legacy version. But some scripts made for v1 and 1.2 may not work.

    • What is the difference Between ESX Legacy and v1-final/1.2?

      Legacy Has a lot of optimisations! It comes with an official ESX Multicharacter, ESX Loadingscreen and ESX Notify, uses the new oxmysql instead of mysql-async. It fixed major bugs that come with v1-final and addresses alot of the security issues in the original ESX, in a more Efficient way. Legacy Also re-adds the use of Spawnmanger to Spawn the player.

    • Is the framework optimized?

      We do everything to minimize latency with clear and optimized code. The important thing is to use the latest version of the framework.

    • I've heard of ESX Infinity? What is it?

      This is a new framework we are developing based on a gamemode system. If you want to support it and get exlucsive information you can contribute on our patron.